When Erik Paulsen first ran for Congress back in 2008, in his campaign announcement speech he said, and I quote: “Quite frankly, today, Congress as an institution, is broken and if elected I intend to help fix it.” (link to full announcement speech below)

So what did Paulsen do, once elected? Join the GOP Caucus Leadership Team. Well, “get selected” is actually more accurate. Here’s the complete MinnPost story, when Paulsen’s selection to the Congressional GOP Leadership Team occurred – and when you look at the date of the story, remember that Paulsen had only been elected few short months before:

Paulsen joins Republican Whip Team
By Cynthia Dizikes 01/23/09

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Freshman Rep. Erik Paulsen today was named to the Republican leadership team. House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) selected the Minnesota Republican to serve on the Republican Whip Team, an uncommon assignment for a first-year member of Congress.

Paulsen said he was “honored” to be a part of the team.

“Our country faces many challenges,” Paulsen said in a statement. “And I look forward to helping develop constructive solutions for the people of the Third District.”

As a deputy, Paulsen will help Cantor manage the legislative program on the House floor.
(emphasis added)(MinnPost.com)

OK, two points: 1) I normally don’t re-post other people’s work complete and verbatim (to wit: above); but that one is so short, how not to? and 2) Between November 4th, 2008 (Election Day) and January 23, 2009 (day of story, above), GOP “Leadership” in Washington, D.C. had seen enough of Erik Paulsen to know that he was one of theirs.

Let’s repeat that last line from that January 2009 story, shall we?

As a deputy, Paulsen will help Cantor manage the legislative program on the House floor.

And what a “legislative program” they’ve had! For instance, knowing full well that repeal President Obama’s Health Care Reform didn’t stand a chance in the Senate (let alone survive Obama’s veto pen), the “leadership” Paulsen belongs to has voted to repeal said law slightly less times than Doan’s has pills.

Even more offensive for women, or those married to women, or those who have friends that are women, or those that have daughters, mothers, grandmothers, etc is Paulsen’s “manage(ment of) the legislative program on the House floor” – as pertains to H.R. 3, which Paulsen voted for and passed. H.R. 3 is in the news these days because of the ignorant and offensive remarks of Paulsen’s fellow GOP Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who recently claimed that, more or less, some forms of rape were “legitimate rape” (and therefore, a raped woman would have no need to rid herself from a rapist’s impregnation).

So, as a “leader” of the House GOP in Congress, that’s Paulsen’s deal. Unless, of course, he wants to NOW walk away from a leadership position he was picked for in January, 2009, and a vote he helped pass in May, 2011?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Ladies and Gents: Paulsen, as a “Leader” in the Congress (that has, as of today, a 13.8% approval rating), has responsibility for each and every vote that has passed the House Of Representatives in Congress since John Boehner took over as speaker in January, 2011.

For instance, Paulsen’s tied to Paul Ryan at the top of the ticket, who wants to turn Medicare into “Coupon Care”. If that’s not changing “medicare as we know it” – what is??!?

The bottom line – Erik Paulsen, as a “leader” in today’s GOP-controlled House of Representatives, IS today’s GOP House of Representatives.

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Junk Yard Dems Video

On November 17, 2011, in Erik Paulsen, Videos, by tommy

(OK, Jeff Strate wrote the following post – but hey! I’m in the YouTube, so I’m reposting Jeff’s post here!)

The Junk Yard Democrats (Tommy Johnson, Norb Gernes and Doug Lind) pay homage to Johnny Cash’s signature song and Erik Paulsen’s signature record in Congress with “He Talks the Line.” The Timid Video Theater production premiers on Democratic Visions next week, but here’s a sneak peak:

(direct YouTube link)

The song has been retro-fitted with lyrics by Lind who claims in local saloons that he once wrote jokes for comedy legend (2nd tier) Jackie Vernon. Democratic Visions is produced through DFL Senate District 42, Eden Prairie/Minnetonka.

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Enjoying The Frozen Tundra! Or…

On December 14, 2010, in Environment, by tommy

…”Swimming In A Winter Wonder Land.”

A lot of people know I’m a “snow plow jockey” – I’m in the snow plowing business. Of course, for essentially the last decade, that’s been theoretical; it simply hasn’t snowed much. This year? We’ve gotten essentially a season’s worth of snow in a month and a half. And that season’s worth of snow has come down in basically three big dumps: the November 13th blizzard (which was really wet snow), the December 3rd thru 4th storm, and December 10th thru 11th blizzrd, the 5th largest dump in Minnesota history. What is notable about these three storms that were all over 8 inches in depth, is (according to the Univ. of Mn) we only average a greater than 8 inch snowfall every other year.

Through recorded history, Minnesota’s snow came mainly in the form of “Alberta Clippers” – which are fast moving storms that dump a quick inch, two, even up to four inches of light powdery fluff that’s easy to plow, easy to shovel, and generally are more of a nuisance (for those that don’t ski, snowmobile, or otherwise play* in the snow. The last decade or so? Not so much; it’s these big dumps we’re getting. From someone in “da bidness” – let me tell you, I’d much rather have five two inch snowfalls, than one ten inch snowfall.

Those big dumps are a lot of work and they are hard on equipment. Dangerous, too. I’m kind of caught up on sleep; still sore all over. Most (nobody makes everybody happy) of the ol’ TwoPutter’s customers are happy over the service they received; we’ll see how happy they are when they get the bill….

So it was nice to see MN2020.org give a shout-out to Plow Jockeys – even if they were talking about the guys that drive the really, Really, REALLY big trucks that keep the Interstates, the State Highways, and County and City roads open. They really, Really, REALLY did a fantastic job during this last record-setting storm. From MN2020′s “For Those About to Plow, We Salute You”:

Despite steady, predictable conservative policy rants declaring that government is failing, city, county and state snowplow drivers achieved an impossible level of street clearing in a remarkably short of amount of time. Government did this, acting on our collective directive to maintain safe, free-flowing and commercially vital transportation infrastructure. As a consequence, emergency calls were answered, people traveled safely to and from work, and Minnesota quickly returned to the business of Minnesota prosperity.

They nailed that one – even if they didn’t mention the small guys with trucks (like me!) that also did yeoman’s work. That said, Gentle Readers, after finishing the work of cleaning up that storm, yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, decided to relax with a quick dip to refresh myself. You may have noted the asterisk above, behind “play.” Unbeknownst to me, my wife decided to take a picture of me at play – the link is below.

Winter weather does strange things to tundra trudgers up here in the frozen north. And quite frankly, if you’re gonna live here, you gotta figure out how to love the snow. That said, I’d like to remind our Gentle Readers that while driving during snowfalls – SLOW DOWN. Oh – and “Happy HanaRamaKwanzMas” to you and yours!

* those easily offended, or that can’t take a joke, shouldn’t look at the link. You’ve been warned!

(link here for “swimming in a winter wonder land…”)

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