The tweet caught my eye: GOP State Senator David Hann, a health insurance salesman? I thought (and I’m sure many others did) that he still worked at a local company, where he had been for over two decades.

So I’ve been looking. First stop, David’s “about me” webpage (screenshot, here):

Senator Hann is in his second term representing Eden Prairie and Minnetonka in the Minnesota State Senate, and serves as a member of the senate’s Education Committee; the Health, Housing and Family Security Committee; the Agriculture and Veterans Committee; and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He is now a business process consultant after spending 25 years with Eden Prairie based E.A. Sween Company. (emphasis added)

OK, why highlight that, above?

Because there’s a tweet that says he’s licensed to sell insurance – but his website says he’s a “business process consultant.”

Notice the disconnnect?

Here’s a kicker – not only is Senator Hann licensed to sell insurance; he’s licensed to sell health insurance. You know, the kind of insurance that’s overseen by, say, the the Health, Housing and Family Security Committee? Hann isn’t just “on” that committee; he chairs it.

So, why not disclose that on his campaign “about me” webpage?

It’s not on the home page of Hann’s website either. But, this is (screenshot, here):

We can do better by ensuring that all Minnesotans have choice and control over their health care, and expanding the market for innovative insurance products so it is affordable for all.

Personally, I always thought we can all do better if we knew what industry the legislators that represented us, worked in.

Apparently, not Senator Hann.

Because not only does he not only disclose his license to sell insurance on his campaign website, it’s not on his official Senate website either (screenshot, here). What does Senator Hann say his occupation is, on that official website? “Business process consultant.”

That’s twice Senator Hann doesn’t disclose he’s licensed to sell insurance. So, what does his Statement of Economic Interest, filed with the Campaign Finance Board, say?

“Occupation: Consultant
Employer Name: self employed”


Let’s take a look at Senator Hann’s twitter feed:

So what we have here, is a licensed insurance agent licensed to sell health insurance meeting with 700 fellow insurance agents, and nowhere does the Chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee disclose that he’s a licensed insurance agent. Not on his campaign website, his official Senate website, nor his Statement of Economic Interest. Nor did Hann disclose that at last week’s candidate debate.

Instead, Hann claims he’s a “business process consultant.”

It gets worse.

Take a look at this screenshot, from the website of Twila Brase, from the twitter picture at the top of this story:

That photo was taken at a forum titled, “Perspectives on Health Insurance Exchanges,” that (and I quote) “was an ‘invitation-only” event hosted by the Republican Health Care Task Force (RHCTF) of the MN GOP at the State Capitol on November 3, 2011.”

“Mn Association of Health Underwriters”? That’s the group Ms. Brase tweeted Senator Hann joined a board of.

Included among the “not pictured”? “Sen. David Hann (R-Eagan)(sic), chair of the Health and Human Services Committee; Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R-St. Cloud), chair of the Health and Human Services Reform Committee, and author of HF497, the health insurance exchange bill…”

“Boys and Tyler Financial”? That’s the company Ms. Brase tweeted Hann now works for.

But, guess who else works at Boys and Tyler Financial?

“…Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R-St. Cloud), chair of the Health and Human Services Reform Committee, and author of HF497, the health insurance exchange bill…”

Do we really have the Chair of the House HHSRC, and Chair of the Senate HHS, both now working at the same company; a said company that ” specialize(s) in Employee and Individual Benefits, including medical, dental, life, disability, vision, and retirement plans”?

And what does Rep. Gottwalt list as his occupation on campaign website?

“Small business owner”

Yeah, “right.”

Just like David Hann is a “business process consultant”…..

Hann has some serious explaining to do. As in, how did it come to pass that he ended up at the same company as his counterpart in the House, after he just spent two years as a Committee Chair overseeing legislation affecting a product that he’s now licensed to sell?

And why didn’t he bother to disclose any of that?

Gottwalt’s got some serious ‘splainin’ to do, too.

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For every problem ailing us, career politician Erik Paulsen (remember, Paulsen was selected to a Party Leadership Position in 2009) has a Three Point Plan: “less taxes, spend less, less regulations.” Let’s look at how well (or not) Paulsen’s extremist right wing Three Point Plan (remember, he votes party line more often than Bachmann) fits in with a business section column in today’s print edition of the Strib:

A Few More Bad Apples
Al Lewis

And now, the week’s financial news:

Russ Wasendorf, founder of Peregrine Financial Group in Cedar Falls, Iowa, ran an exhaust hose into his Chevy Cavalier. Regulators allege he’d been cooking his books; millions are reportedly missing from client accounts. His company has filed to liquidate in bankruptcy court, and Mr. Wasendorf, 64, was arrested Friday after being hospitalized.

Hmmm… “cooked books”…. Where have I heard THAT phrase before?

Hey! I heard it here – Republicans, locally, are known for it!

Anyway, after Al Lewis discusses a few more “bad apples” there’s this:

Around the world, regulators continue investigating how many major banks may have been manipulating interest rates. The probe follows the resignation of Barclays honcho Robert Diamond and the international bank’s agreement to pay $450 million to settle claims that it put the fix on interest rates. These rates—called Libor—help determine what businesses and consumers pay on loans across the entire planet.

Clearly, it’s a HUGE problem, what these Banskters are up to; affecting folk across the globe. Al Lewis finishes today’s column with:

Yes, shocking. And this is just the stuff reported last week. I don’t have space to hash over the past decade, except to note that years ago our political and corporate elites promised that Enron’s collapse, while shocking, was an isolated event. Even relatively trustworthy business leaders agreed, including broker for the people, Charles Schwab.

“It is amazing to see this Enron thing unfold,” Mr. Schwab told the Austin American-Statesman in 2002. “It’s sort of ghastly. And you wonder what were they thinking about. You wonder how far along, how long ago did they cross over the line. My own view is that it is highly isolated; it’s not rampant.… One bad apple.”

No, it’s NOT shocking; not shocking at all. It’s predictable, when a Party Leader, such as career politician Erik Paulsen is, is running for re-election on a Three Point Plan that enables that kind of behavior.

“Less taxes.” That means there’s less money to pay for people to investigate and prosecute crime.

Spend less.” See above; fewer investigators and fewer prosecutors to put Banksters behind bars.

“Less regulations.” In a nut shell (pun intended), Paulsen thinks Banksters should have fewer rules to follow. But hey, that’s ok: who needs rules when there’s less investigators and prosecutors anyway?

Paulsen’s bought into “Reaganomics”, which allegedly would spur growth by – ready for this? – “less taxes, less spending, and fewer regulaions.”

How’s THAT worked out, over the last couple of decades? There’s a reason Bush The Elder called “Reaganomics” “Voodoo Economics” – that’s EXACTLY what it is.

Paulsen also went all-in on The Ryan Budget Plan, just this spring.

Financial scandals like ENRON used to happen occasionally. Al Lewis talked, above, about how they’re now happening DAILY. How do these Banksters get away with their scams for so long, before they’re caught and run off with so many victim’s hard-earned money?

“Less taxes.” “Spend less.” “Less regulations.”

That’s NOT just the plan of a Congressman from Minnesota’s 3rd District; that’s the plan of a Leader in the Party In Power in Washington D.C.

Anybody ever remember Paulsen running on a “let’s get tough on crime!” platform? No? Me neither. Don’t remember that at all. Perhaps that’s because tossing criminals in the can requires MORE spending. That requires MORE taxes. That requires MORE regulations, because when it’s found out that Banksters are exploiting loopholes in the laws, new laws (and regulations) are needed.

If you have investments in 401(k)’s and the like, you should be worried – very, Very, VERY worried.

Because by it’s very nature, Paulsen’s Three Point Plan calls for less investigators and prosecutors for the Banksters on Wall Street.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, in Part 9 of the continuing Cooked Books Series we looked at a MN GOP Campaign Finance Report line item that looks mighty clear: when it comes to paying rent, these Republicans are deadbeats! And back in that March 27th, 2012 post we wondered: So, how is it that the Minnesota GOP – the self-proclaimed “Party Of Fiscal Responsibility” – gets away with stiffing their Landlord for office rent for so long?

Well, the GOP’s Landlord finally decided to pull the plug, and yesterday filed paperwork with Ramsey County to get those deadbeat GOPers to “pay up or get out.” The Court is scheduled to hear the case next Tuesday, at 8:45am.

Also yesterday, a highly charged political memo from MN GOP Chair Pat (“Enron Boy”) Shortridge surfaced in the media. As a public service for you, our Gentle Readers, the following is a complete translation of this important document — from the original Republican into modern English. Let’s look!!!

Last Thursday, I sent the below update on party finances to local and statewide GOP leaders.

English Translation: Somebody leaked this, so now I’ve got to pretend I wanted it to go public.

In light of an exaggerated press story in a publication this morning,

ET: Because they’re wise to us.

we wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

ET: We can’t keep you in the dark any longer.

The MNGOP is not being ‘kicked out’ of its offices.

ET: …yet!

While we have successfully negotiated with our creditors in most cases,

ET: We’re doing our best to stiff our creditors…

our landlord took the unfortunate step, which they are certainly within their rights to do, of bringing the matter to court.

ET: …but the landlord finally figured out we’re full of crap, and is treating us like the deadbeats we are.

We believe we’re on track to settle this matter without further legal action,

ET: We’re going to offer him $0.10 on the dollar for back rent…

and we’ll know for sure in the coming days.

ET: …and we hope that stall will scam him out of another month or two before he drops a dime on us.

• First and foremost, we’ve amended our Federal Election Commission (2011) and Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board reports for 2011 and 2010.

ET: The FEC caught us with our pants around our ankles, but we think they’ll buy this new load of horse apples.

• The Financial Control and Oversight Committee, chaired very, very ably by Jeff Johnson, has looked into many of the questionable transactions from the past and will present a series of recommendations to significantly improve our processes, internal financial controls and oversight.

ET: We’ve found some clever ways to make the fraud in our FEC reports much harder to detect.

• We’ve continued to cut expenses,

ET: We’ll squeeze a few more dollars out of our naive staff and interns. Don’t tell them. And there’s a whole world of vendors out there, who still don’t get that we don’t pay our bills…

while continuing the process of restoring trust with our major donors and rebuilding our small dollar donor programs. Fundraising is improving and we’re getting things done on a shoestring.

ET: …and we’ll feed the donors the usual lies. They’re true believers and wimps, and will fall for anything we tell them.

You should be VERY proud of the party staff and our many key volunteers for going above and beyond the call to get things done.

ET: Once again, don’t let these poor saps in on what’s up next for them.

• We have negotiated with our creditors so we engage in an orderly process for paying down our debt. In 95% of the cases, that process has gone smoothly.

ET: We’ve stiffed almost everybody. I mean, what are they going to do? The party is totally broke, and it’s not like any of us are personally liable for this mess.

In a couple of cases, it has not gone as well as we’d hoped despite the best efforts of Mike Vekich, Bron Scherer, and me. One in particular that I wanted to tell you about is our negotiation with our landlord.

ET: Sadly, the landlord has seen through the BS of even our world-class scammers.

We have a long and very expensive lease which still has twenty-one (21) months to run.

ET: I can’t believe the previous guys negotiated such a bad lease…

As you know, we have more space than we need and our monthly lease cost is in excess of current, comparable market lease rates.

ET: …and they leased wa-a-a-ay too much space. Fortunately, we can leverage the bad market against the landlord.

When I was elected on December 31, 2011, the rent had not been paid since August 2011 and as part of our continuing financial issues and our effort to re-negotiate the lease, no lease payments have been made in 2012 to date.

ET: This isn’t my fault, of course. I’m a genius for thinking to squeeze the landlord by holding back rent.

While this is a situation none of us wants, it’s part of the rebuilding process. No one ever said it would be simple or easy or without bumps along the way.

ET: Like I said, none of this is my fault. I walked into the worst mess in modern history, created entirely by the previous administration. Hmmm, something about that story sounds familiar. It’s totally convincing, though, don’t you think?

But I wanted you to hear about it from me rather than from any other source.

ET: Since the cat is out of the bag, I’m trying to get ahead of this story I’ve been scamming you about for months.

Rather than continue discussions with us, the landlord chose to exercise its rights and filed a notice of eviction in Ramsey County court.

ET: The landlord finally figured us out, and took legal action. What a moron. He should have done that months ago.

We’re not going to be evicted, and at the same time, are continuing to negotiate on the back payments as well as on a lease that better fits both our space needs and our budget.

ET: Hey, I know I can scam this guy some more. The market’s lousy, and I’m a master wheeler-dealer. Remember, just a few more days, and I would have gotten Enron a bail-out.

But I wanted you to hear about it from me rather than from any other source.

ET: So I’m paddling as fast as I can to get ahead of this story. Did I already say that?

• The bottom line: We’re in better shape than we were three months ago, but not as good as we’ll be three months from now.

ET: I know it doesn’t look that way, but I’m doing a fabulous job. You just have to trust me for another, let’s see, I can suck you guys into another three months, right?

It’s a daily process that requires hard work and common purpose.

ET: “Daily process” means don’t bother me with questions. I’m too busy saving your butts from your own incompetence to listen to your pitiful whining…

Please let me know if you have additional thoughts or questions.

ET: but please send it to me via email, so I’ll have the pleasure of deleting it unread.

I’ll see you in St Cloud, if not before.

ET: Now, go away. “…if not before” means “not before.” Got it?

Pat Shortridge, Chairman
Republican Party of Minnesota

ET: Remember, I’m the big shot you dragged in here to save your sorry @sses. Now, stfu and get lost.

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Back in 2007, the Republican-controlled Eden Prairie City Council (led by the disgraced former Mayor, Phil Young) wanted to slash City funding to Meals On Wheels (along with other Social Services) – not because there was a budget crisis, but because (to GOPers) funding of Social Services isn’t a “core mission” of government. The “I got mine, Jack” GOPers lost that fight in Eden Prairie – but as usual, they continue the war on the middle class and those in need. The GOP – as a party – is doing everything it possibly can to protect their Boardroom Base at the expense of everyone else. Today, they bring their battle to the state level, and are using GOPer State Senator David Hann to lead the charge.

As noted yesterday on MnProgressiveProject – “David Hann wants to cut Gramma’s Meals On Wheels so millionaires get off easy” – Senator Hann has introduced a bill in the state legislature that not only would slash state spending on Meals On Wheels, the cuts are so severe Minnesota would lose matching Federal funding. Coverage of Hann’s draconian bill is receiving statewide attention. From

A minor spending cut in a sprawling Senate health and welfare bill threatens home-delivered meals for thousands of poor senior citizens and could result in lost federal dollars.

The proposal from Republican Sen. David Hann of Eden Prairie would cut $2.68 million from senior nutrition program grants, costing Minnesota another $1.9 million in federal funds. The grants help feed 70,000 seniors through Meals on Wheels programs and group dining in large senior housing facilities.

From the Marshall Independent newspaper:

Are wheels about to come off Meals on Wheels?
GOP bill would cut projected state spending on senior nutrition program grants in half

March 30, 2011 – By Per Peterson

MARSHALL – Monica Douglas, senior nutrition program director for Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, sums up the prospect of a cut to home-delivered meals in Minnesota with two words: sad and devastating.

The health and welfare bill designed to cut state spending by $1.6 billion over two years is expected to get a vote in the Senate this week as GOP majorities work to pass a plan to erase the $5 billion deficit. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Tuesday the bill would cut in half projected state spending on senior nutrition program grants to save $2.68 million.

Douglas said it would be a devastating blow to seniors across Minnesota.

“It affects a lot of people,” she said. “If they ended up cutting 50 percent of our state funding we would lose $232,731 and we would have to cut 35,805 meals out of our budget in more than just one location like Marshall.”

“Sad and devastating” indeed.

And not surprising; Eden Prairie Republican Leadership has wanted to whack Meals On Wheels for years. David Hann is simply their current waterboy. They are cold-hearted conservatives; David Hann is simply delivering the hit.

And Hann is making a name for himself across the state. For instance, consider the following Letter To The Editor in the Albert Lea Tribune:

Family metaphor just doesn’t fly
Published 9:24am Monday, March 28, 2011

I am sick and tired of Republicans such as Legislator David Hann of Eden Prairie (Eden Prairie!) claiming that the proposed cuts to Health and Human Services is what any family would do when adjusting their budgets.

Really? Not the families I know.

The families I know would not have Dad go on his annual trip to the Bahamas while his son, little Johnny, is told he will have to do without lunch for a year. Or if Johnny has an ear infection or is suffering from a fall, are we then to believe that the family decides no doctor care for Johnny? (more, here)

That letter starkly represents what today’s Republican Party’s Leadership is all about; why GOP today stands for Greed Over Principles: it’s because the GOP is asking for sacrifices from everybody but their Boardroom Base.

GOP Leaders – such as David Hann – believe in protecting the Boardroom at the expense of everyone else.

Especially little old Grannies, depending on one simple nutritious meal once a day.

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Earlier today, the “macro” was looked at, pointing out the pathetic GOPer machine and the tragic campaign of the extreme rightwingnut the GOPers endorsed for Governor, Tom “I cannot tell the truth” Emmer. I didn’t get into Tenther Tom’s radical and illogical picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution he’d ignore; that bizarre legal “reasoning” has been analyzed at lenght by the experts over at The Cucking Stool. I did cover Emmer calling Democrats un-American, and the Facebook pictures Tom Emmer wishes you hadn’t seen.

Oh – and GOP State Party Chair Tony Sutton’s “quislings” comment, too.

Now it’s time to look at the why there isn’t an incumbent for the Mayor’s Office in Eden Prairie. The Mayor’s seat is empty due to the decision not to run by the should have been nearly indicted for felony – yes, FELONY – prosecution, incumbent (and GOPer-endorsed) Mayor Phil Young. The sordid saga became public last spring, and as it played out, local GOPers – including GOP SD 42 Vice Chair Kevin Schultz (Schultz claimed he was speaking only for himself; yeah, “right”) – defending the indefensible: GOPer Phil Young falsifying reimbursement forms by filling out for meetings he never attended. Under penalty of perjury. Well, mileage reimbursements, too. For meetings he never attended.

But, has anyone heard anyone from GOPer “leadership” speak out about Young’s behavior, behavior that almost landed lawyer Young on the wrong side of a felony prosecution?

Of course not.

After all, what’s a little perjury among GOPer pals?

A point that’s been raised, but never addressed or even acknowledged by the local GOPer “leadership” is that similar behavior by a City of Eden Prairie employee would have resulted in immediate dismissal. Do not pass go; do not collect Golden Parachute – clean your desk/locker out and get out. NOW.

But, GOPers always seem to tolerate behavior among themselves that is NOT tolerated by the working stiffs, the middle class, the lunch-bucket crowd. All too often, GOPers believe rules simply doesn’t apply to them.

So, the taxpayers of Eden Prairie are stuck with GOPer Young until the end of December, when the next mayor will be sworn in. For the closest look at GOPer Young’s objectionable activities, link here.

From it:

(Plymouth Police Detective) Hultgren filed his final report July 12.

That report shows that for 20 consecutive months, the mayor of Eden Prairie filed claims for reimbursement, $35 each time, for attending meetings of the Regional Conference of Mayors, including three meetings that hadn’t occurred at all. He attended, by his own admission according to the transcripts, “two or three.”

At the end of the report, Hultgren notes that he had heard further allegations that the mayor may not have attended meetings of the Eden Prairie Foundation for which he was reimbursed. “Due to the reasons given by both the County and City attorney for declining to prosecute, these allegations were not investigated. Finding a few more meetings not attended by the Mayor would not change the basic facts of the case thus it would not result in a different finding by the County and City attorney.”

The mayor’s seat is vacant because disgraced GOPer endorsed Mayor Phil Young isn’t running for re-election.

And the local GOP “leadership” has been awfully quiet about it.

And they’ve also been mighty quiet about the cut ‘n pastes from disgraced GOPer Phil Young’s 2006 campaign website to the GOPer-endorsed for City Council Donna Azarian website .

Over the next few days, I’ll take a look at the races for Mayor and City Council.

The point for now, is that the last candidate for mayor the GOPers gave the citizens of Eden Prairie hasn’t worked out so well.

And the local GOPer “leadership” hasn’t said squat about it.

In February 2009, Republican National Party Chair Michael Steele said “You have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or actions at this point.”

It was true then; it’s true today, and tomorrow won’t be any different until good and decent Republicans toss today’s GOP “leadership” out.

And two weeks from today, on November 2nd at the ballot box, is a good place to start.

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Two weeks from tonight is shaping up as a disaster for Minnesota Republicans; I’m going to recap a few reasons why. Sure, odds are that they’ll hold Kline’s, Paulsen’s, and Bachmann’s seats in Congress, but that’s about it. For Governor, place your bets on Dayton. And look for a clean sweep for the DFL in all of the rest of the Constitutional Offices, too. So, why is the tragc and deeply-flawed extreme rightwing ideologue GOPer Tom Emmer trailing? One reason is Emmer’s pathetic and pathological inability to tell the truth. Another reason, according to the Minnesota Conservatives blog, is:

After receiving the endorsement at the state convention, the Emmer campaign was very badly run indeed. MC didn’t stay on the sidelines because the stakes of losing were too high. We thought the month of July would never end: 100K earning servers, tip-credit, a town hall forum/seppuku replete with a shower of pennies played endlessly on tv and the internet. Some of this was called a teaching moment. We called it political malpractice if not suicide. MC can’t bring itself to recount the various DUIs that cropped up.

“…the Emmer campaign was very badly run indeed.”


For instance, they’ve never gotten in front of Emmer calling Democrats un-American, and they’ve never gotten in front of the Facebook pictures Tom Emmer wishes you hadn’t seen.

That Minnesota Conservatives post, “MN-Gov Race: Prepositioning the Scapegoats” is a good read. One thing they missed in their discussion of the GOP Party, was Tony Sutton’s Hatch-like moment – calling the the thirteen former GOP state legislatiors that endored IP Candidate Tom Horner “quislings”.

Sutton said “There’s a special place in hell for these quislings.” Sutton later backed off by saying he only meant to call those 13, including WWII Veteran George Pillsbury and Korean War Veteran Bill Belanger “traitors”.

If the race tightens up, and Dayton wins in a squeaker, Dayton’ll have Tony Sutton to thank.

This afternoon, I’ll write a recap of the local races in Eden Prairie,
where the radicals controlling the local GOP has done their cynical worst “best” to mimic their bizarre bosses at the state and national level. How bizarre? So bizarre that it can only be mocked, ridiculed and scorned. Which, of course, Jon Stewart excells at! Stewart points out GOP “leadership” really is shameless. Let’s look!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Postcards From the Pledge
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Rally to Restore Sanity

This video is just another example of why I say: “reasonable people can no longer reasonably assume Republican “leadership” is telling the truth.”

(link to “The Daily Show” here)

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OK, everyone knows that Tom Emmer really, Really, REALLY stepped in it – BIG TIME – with his, well, essentially: “Let’s cut the paychecks of waitrons EVERYWHERE!” comment.

And saying something really, Really, REALLY stupid is nothing new for Tom Emmer; my favorite Emmerism is this:

“I don’t think you can call yourself a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat.” — Tom Emmer, 9-26-09
(Marshall Independent)

And I was really, Really, REALLY happy when today’s GreedOverPrinciples Party picked Emmer to be at the top of the ticket; I knew not only would that one come back to bite him but that there would be more!!!

But, here’s the deal: Emmer isn’t stupid. Sure, he says stupid things, but there’s a reason he says ‘em: they’re designed to get him something (like an endorsement, from the Teabagging base of today’s Small Tent Party).

So, I wondered who might benefit the most from Emmer’s latest scheme to screw those with the least…. hmmm… hmmm – just who could that be?

Hey – might be this guy, current Chair of the republiCon Party of Minnesota, none other than FEC Taco Tony!!!

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, click here for an Employment Application at one of GOPer Tony Sutton’s tacoterias, and send the link to your kid. Why should you fork out big bucks for the kid’s college, when there’s an easy $100,000 to be made taking tacos to tables, or filling margaritas by the pitcher?

And get those high-paying jobs fast; Tom Emmer just doesn’t think it’s fair his pal Taco Tony has to shell out the big bucks to unappreciative waitrons, when a chunk o’ that tip money could – and SHOULD – be going to Tony! And in Tom Emmer’s Minnesota, if he’s elected to the corner office, that’s exactly what would happen.

So don’t delay, do it today: hustle your kid down to the nearest Taco Tony’s while the gettin’s good!!!

Perhaps Spot was correct, “What the Republicans really need to do right now is to arrange a pool party for Tom Emmer.”

But I hope they don’t; there’s bound to be more Emmerisms between now and November…..

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…GOPers Are Telling The Truth

Last Saturday, while Guest Hosting “Radio Cafe With Cathy Hauser,” Erik Hare and I talked about Professor Frankfurt’s book (“On Bullsh*t”), Erik’s post over at Barataria, this post (and the subsequent comments!), the media’s role in propagating/covering BS, and how BS seems to be the modus operandi of today’s Republican Party.

Last July, we chronicled Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul and his dirty tricks – in Part 1 and in Part 2 and in Part 3 and in Part 4.

From “Part 2″ –

And Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul’s allegation regarding the picture is just as bogus, as I (tried) to explain to Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul last week; the sign does NOT read “Enduring Freedom Veterans” followed by “for Kerry” – the sign reas “Enduring Freedom” followed by “Veterans for Kerry.”

From “Part 4: –

Yes, gentle readers, that’s Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul calling Congressman Tim Walz a “phony soldier.” And that BS about the photograph? COMPLETE BS. Of course, would anyone expect anything else from the party of Tony Sutton and Michael Brodkorb?

From an email I sent to Dave Thul on July 13th, 2009 –

> > > Oh – and you should know, in that sign? The bottom says “Veterans
> > > For Kerry” which was an organized group of Veterans supporting John
> > > Kerry. It included a Swift Boat Captain that now resides in Eden
> > > Prairie.
> > >
> > >
> > > While YOU seem to claim that sign reads “Enduring Freedom Veterans”
> > > I’m guessing the fact that there was a “Veterans For Kerry” group
> > > blows a huge hole in the story Michael Brodkorb loves to spin.

That was last July.

What did FORMER Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair, and NOW GOP Endorsed Candidate for House District 26-A post on his blog, last week?

And after 2 1/2 years of asking, neither Rep Walz, his staff, or any liberal blogger have been able to explain to me why Walz claimed to be an ‘Enduring Freedom Veteran” back in 2004 in this picture- (picture, below the fold)

BULLSH*T. Complete and utter BULLSH*T.

Can’t call what Dave Thul wrote a “lie,” because it is far beyond lying; as Erik asked:

Is it really a lie when the person making an outrageous statement doesn’t actually care if it’s the truth or not?

When they don’t care they are “bullsh*tters” – because they simply don’t care if what they say (or, as in Thul’s case, write) is true or not. GOPers don’t care if what they say/write is true or not; they only care that the voter thinks it’s true.

And that’s why the GOP’s newly endorsed candidate for House District 26-A, Dave Thul, is Today’s Example Of Why Reasonable People Can No Longer Reasonably Assume GOPers Are Telling The Truth.

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There are a lot of differences between Mitch “Bootlicker” Berg and myself; for instance, Bootlicker Berg is a ChickenHawk while I’m an honorably discharged veteran. I take great pains to be factually correct; Bootlicker Berg simply makes (stuff) up. The biggest difference is that Bootlicker Berg is an (@rse)hole that on occasion, can be a nice guy; I’m a nice guy that on occasion, can be a real (@rse)hole. Today is one of those occasions.

Why would today be one of those occasions? Because as big of an (@rse)hole Bootlicker Berg is (and, he is) lately he’s been going too far. It’s bad enough that he simply makes (stuff) up, as has been documented here and here. There’s more; such as the time Bootlicker Berg claimed on his radio show that Erik “I’m A Moderate In The Mold Of Frenzel and Ramstad” Paulsen “ran as a conservative”; when I called Bootlicker Berg on this delusion of his, Bootlicker Berg simply moved the goal posts by claiming Paulsen ran farther to the right than conventional wisdom dictated.

And Berg twice has attributed things to me that I’ve never said; the first time prompting the following correction on his blog:

UPDATE: In a phone conversation on Monday, Mr. Tommy denied having ever said that Bush was “Selected, Not Elected”. While I was writing more broadly – many of Mr. Tommy’s fellow-travellers and blog-mades certainly did, and do – my sentence as written implies that he has personally made that claim. Since I have no objective evidence that he did, I regret the ambiguity.

Well, like I said, above: occasionally, Bootlicker Berg can buck his natural predisposition to be a complete (arse)hole and do the proper thing. His latest delusional attribution? Bootlicker Berg indicated he stands by it. Bootlicker Berg’s natural predisposition is simply to slime people, which is why I had a special badge prepared to honor those slimed by Berg and his ilk.

And I want to be clear; I am NOT calling Bootlicker Berg a “liar” – calling someone a liar connotates that they know they aren’t telling the truth. It’s a bizarre and pathetic path Berg travels to reach his conclusions, but it appears he actually believes the (stuff) he makes up is true. Therefore, he isn’t a “liar” – he’s a (cheney)in’ whackjob that in the end, simply makes (stuff) up.

Now, some may wonder why Bootlicker Berg hates government so much; I would suggest that it’s because (based on property records) the City in which he resides insists that Bootlicker Berg live like a civilized human being rather than the sloth in a sty Bootlicker Berg would prefer. That’s another difference between Bootlicker Berg and the ol’ TwoPutter; I take pride in my home while Berg treats his like a hovel – but, that’s a tangent.

Bootlicker Berg went on a rant earlier today; not content to trashing this blog, he called the author of a blogpost here on MnPP, MNBearBud, and I quote: “MNBareButt” and “Ms. BareButt” and “BareButt” and “MNBareButt”. I’d provide the link but that would only drive traffic to Berg’s drivel.

Since there are laws concerning public nudity, it’s safe to assume MNBearBud doesn’t run around “bare but” – that Bootlicker Berg, once again’ is simply making (stuff) up. What is fact is there is plenty more that clearly demonstrates Mitch Berg is completely unreasonable; has a history making stuff up; has and will continue to keep taking the cheap shots. IOW, that Berg is a complete (@rse)hole; he can’t help it – it’s simply who and what he is. And for his latest rant directed at MNBearBud, MNBearBud is hereby awared a badge of honor: “Slimed By The M.O.B.”

Notch one up for MNBearBud; notch another one down for Bootlicker Berg.

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That’s a real quote, from a “participant” (cough, cough) at a Town Hall held the other day by Rep. Robert Inglis, R-SC.

Unreal. The disinformation put out by rightwing astroturf groups are even hitting the GOPers that do hold Town Halls – which, of course, don’t include GOPers Bachmann, Kline, or Paulsen.

Not only did GOPer Rep. Robert Inglis, R-SC, have the guts to face his constituents, he also had the common sense to tell them the truth:

“I had to politely explain that, ‘Actually, sir, your health care is being provided by the government,’ ” Inglis recalled. “But he wasn’t having any of it.” (

And why wasn’t the “keep your government hands off my Medicare” guy having any of it? Disinformation, pure and simple. Recently, the astroturf group “Conservatives For Patients Rights (yeah, “right”) had their ad fisked by It shouldn’t surprise anyone that their analysis of rightwing claims are, well, to quote the analysis:

CPR Administers Bad Facts, Again

* It’s not true that any of the health care overhaul measures that have been approved by committees in Congress would add “a trillion to the federal deficit,” as the ad says. The Senate bill would add roughly $597 billion over 10 years, and the House bill that was approved by the Ways and Means Committee in mid-July would add a much smaller $239 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. (

Now, I’m looking at a very fancy brochure recently mailed out – at taxpayer expense – by Rep. Erik Paulsen, R=republiCon. And what does Rep. Erik Paulsen claim, in his published and mailed at taxpayer expense brochure? It’s “right” there, on page 2: “Their plan would cost over $1 trillion”

Way to go, Erik! Mailing out debunked disinformation, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.

Paul Krugman opined a little over a week ago on the subject: Why Americans hate single-payer insurance. Paul Krugman’s explanation? “Because they don’t know they have it.” And Paul Krugman uses the “particiapant” at the Town Hall, referenced above, as an example. Here’s what else Paul Krugman said:

One of the truly amazing and depressing things about the health reform debate is the persistence of fear-mongering over “socialized medicine” even though we already have a system in which the government pays substantially more medical bills (47% of the total) than the private insurance industry (35%).

In a way, this is the flip side of the persistent belief that the free market can cure healthcare, even though there are no places where it actually has; people also believe that government-provided insurance can’t work, even though there are many places where it does — and one of those places is the United States of America. (

And rather than correct the disinformation, Rep. Erik Paulsen, R=republiCon fuels the fire.

Gotta love today’s “conservatives”, doncha?

Well, in a word, “no.” And you certainly can’t trust them to tell the truth, either.

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