Notes From DNC Charlotte, Day 3

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Charlotte is proving to be a great pick for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. For last night’s Welcoming Reception for State Delegations, the Host Committee split the Delegations up and sent them to a dozen venues. Minnesotans joined with Louisiana, New York, Puerto Rico, D.C., South Dakota and Texas – and the event was held at Discovery Place, a science museum. Other Delegations had their welcoming receptions at venues such as the National Whitewater Center and the Carolina Raptor Center. It was really cool to attend a major party in a museum!

Today is CarolinaFest, essentially a big party downtown featuring two music stages (James Taylor is headliner; Jeff Bridges and the Abiders is who I’m looking forward to) with local crafts, food, and – of course! – beer! North Carolina is home to a lot of breweries.

I’ll also be at a “Daily Briefing” held by National Journal, The Atlantic and CBS; topic for today is “The Digital Campaign and Social Media’s Impact in 2012″ with panelists from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The following is one of 40 videos the Host Committee produced that focus on different aspects of Charlotte; this one helps explain why Charlotte is such a beautiful city – let’s look!

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Road Trip DNC – Ryan’s Fake Lemons

On September 1, 2012, in republiCon, by tommy

Rolling down I-90 through Wisconsin on the way to the Democratic National Convention, the ol’ BS Detector sarted pegging. No surprise; we were near Janesville. Wanting to see what the fuss was about, it led us to the Congressional Office of Teller Of Tall Tales, Paul Ryan. Which led to the following tweet!

Yes, gentle readers, there are indeed fake lemons hanging in the tree in front of Ryan’s Congressional Office! Which, indeed, is fitting.

Sadly, Ryan is is simply today’s example of You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

Stay tuned; there’s more coming from this Road Trip and excitement at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte!

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Getting Ready for DNC 2012, or…

On August 19, 2012, in Road Trip 2012, by tommy

… #RoadTrip2012, Charlotte Edition!

Two weeks from now, 1200 miles on the road with Brian Baker will be history and the ol’ TwoPutter will be in Charlotte, meeting fellow delegates from Texas, New York, Michigan, South Dakota, North Dakota, Louisiana, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

And I’m really looking forward to meeting the folk from Cajun Country!!!

This gathering will be in preparation to endorse President Obama for four More YEARS!!!

That graphic is the poster I put up at the 3rd CD Convention, when fellow DFLers gave me the honor to represent them as a National Delegate to the DNC in Charlotte. I’m proud to do it.

I also have the honor of receiving Media Credentials to cover the DNC! Which means, for blogging & twitter purposes, I should be able to get into just about every thing!

As Regular Readers know, we have some tech-savvy folk here on MPP (yours truly NOT bein’ one of ‘em), and with any luck we’ll have some kinda gizmo/widget here to keep our Regular Readers what’s happening, through the gonzo reporting out of Charlotte. So, stay tuned!

And if any one wants to, there’s a Two-fer this upcoming Friday night – you can help out your favorite DFL Candidate and help put a few gallons o’ gas in the ol’ TwoPutter’s tank for #RoadTrip2012 – DNC Edition! Thanks!

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The LT & Me – #RoadTrip2011WarmUp, Or….

On August 24, 2011, in Military, by tommy

…Fort Sam Or Bust!

Some folk know that the ol’ TwoPutter’s youngest child recently graduated college (thank God!) and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant (2LT) (thank GOD!!!). Da Kid reports for Active Duty next month; Da Kid knows that both Great GrandDaddys both were involved in WWI (the “War To End All Wars”); that GrandDaddyCap’nBob did five War Patrols in a submarine in the South Pacific during WWII; that UncleGatorDave and DaddyTwoPutt served…. and the ol’ TwoPutter was fortunate to get to know this ROTC Graduating Class.

But hey! This trip isn’t about Da Kid; this trip is the “warm-up” – Da Kid (as previously noted) doesn’t report for Active Duty as an officer in Uncle Sam’s military until the end o’ NEXT month!!! This trip (and blogpost, an subsequent tweets under the hashtag #RoadTrip2011WarmUp) is about a fellow graduating senior and fellow ROTC classmate o’ Da Kid’s; said fellow also bein’ a newly-minted 2LT!

Said 2LT called the ol’ TwoPutter and said: “Hey! TwoPutt!! How would you, like to accompany me, a freshly minted 2LT, on a Road Trip to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio where I have to report for Active Duty on Friday?”

Ummm… I was speechless…..

For about 2 seconds.

#RoadTrip2011WarmUp, here I come!!!

Timing is a wonderful thing – last week, I wouldn’t be able to make the trip; next week, neither. This week? Sing it, Willie!!! “On the road again….”

And it just so happens, this weekend is the VFW’s National Convention. If you’re in San Antonio this Friday, look for me at Texas’ Oldest VFW Post

It’s an honor to escort the 2LT to Fort Sam for Active Duty- and hey! What a delightful warm up to #RoadTrip2011 – which will be traveling with Da (2LT) Kid to report for Active Duty in California!

And if you’re into a few “on the road again” yucks, like what’s for late lunch/early dinner later today, follow me on Twitter!

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