The picture to the right is Rep Tony Cornish, R=NRA, taken by Jim Ragsdale, a Capitol Reporter for the StarTribune. Yes, Cornish in addition to his usual lapel cuffs, Cornish now is a sporting new NRA tie and new bling, too: an assault weapon a loop-hole legal machine gun. That picture was taken at a Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee hearing yesterday, where the topic was (gasp!) legislation to improve public safety.

The pictures that follow are screenshots from yesterday on twitter. The first, by State Senator Roger Chamberlain, R=NRA, gives a “hint” of what this “debate” is really all about:

And if it’s *not* about “hunting” what could it possibly be?

The Gasbag Of The Midway, Mitch Berg, responds to my tweet, and makes it VERY clear what it’s all about:

Yep – Mitch says loudly and clearly that he and his ilk need their highpowered and loop-hole legal machine guns to shoot soldiers and cops *they* consider “tyrranical.”

Never one to fail to fall in line with current Right Wing Nut Job non-sense, Dave Thul jumps in:

Say, Dave? I wasn’t the one that said you need your loop-hole legal machine guns to shoot soldiers and cops your ilk tells you (remember, Dave always falls in line); YOU said that – in your own words.

Yes, Dear Gentle Readers, far too many of today’s “No New Gun Laws – PERIOD” deep thinkers (like Berg and Thul, et al; presumably, Cornish and Chamberlain, et al) are “Water The Tree Of Liberty” types, that think they need these loop-hole legal machine guns for the upcoming fight against “tyranny.”

As Thul and Berg clearly demonstrate, what they are saying is that when the day comes, they are willing and want to be ready and able to open fire with assault weapons loop-hole legal machine guns.

Think about it, for a minute – just who do these deep thinkers think will be their “tyrranical enemy” that they’re going to shoot – village dog catchers? City trash collectors? No, Gentle Readers – in their own words, they are willing and want to be able to open fire on soldiers and cops.

And if that doesn’t scare you enough….

… these “water the tree” types of GunNuts will tell you that there’s no reason – none, whatsoever – to ban the “semi-automatic” AR15 (and it’s variations).

Judge for yourself if the AR15 (and it’s variations) is really “semi-automatic”…

It’s scary enough that the crazies that shot up Columbine, Tucson, Oak Creek, Newtown, etc etc etc are out there and are getting acdess to guns.

Now we have to be worried about “water the tree” types, too. Armed, they insist, with loop-hole legal machine guns.

Not to mention, of course, meth-heads & meth dealers & meth cooks, etc etc etc figuring out that loop-hole, too.

The Thompson machine gun was banned decades ago. It’s time to ban these loop-hole legal machine guns too.

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Today’s GOP: Taking Care Of #1

On August 14, 2012, in GreedOverPrinciples, by tommy

Today is Primary Day in Minnesota, and the most interesting races are those where right wing conservatives are getting primaried by the even farther right wingers (GOPers Julianne Ortmann and Connie Doepke being primaried examples). So I checked in on Twitter this morning, and noticed a tweet by the guy to the far right (pun intended), State Senator Roger Chamberlain. Look real closely at his twitter picture, and especially his bio: Senior tax accountant at Ameriprise.

Let’s look at a couple of his tweets, from this morning:

Seems right winger Chamberlain has a problem with the contract state employees just agreed to. Of course, to be fair, Chamberlain isn’t the only GOPer taking shots at state workers; Pat Garofalo takes the 1% side too. Anyway, here’s what Chamberlain says in the first tweet: Private sect unemployed,underemployed, pay freezes & cut

Well, that depends on which “private sector” one is referring to! For instance, how has the 1% done lately? Let’s look!

Minnesota’s top CEOs saw their pay rise 26% in 2011
Article by: JOHN J. OSLUND and PATRICK KENNEDY , Star Tribune Updated: July 30, 2012

After falling for two consecutive years and holding flat in 2010, median total pay for Minnesota’s 100 highest-paid CEOs jumped by 26 percent in 2011 to $1.19 million, hitting seven digits for the first time since 2007.

Stock options and restricted stock tend to drive the headline-grabbing paydays of chief executives. But the Star Tribune’s 2012 Executive Compensation Report also shows that CEOs had reasons to smile about their cash compensation — salaries and bonuses. Seventy-one of the top 100 CEOs got a salary bump in 2011. The median raise: 4.6 percent.

Overall cash compensation — salary plus bonus — rose for the second consecutive year. Median cash compensation for the 100 highest-paid CEOs was up 8.5 percent to $768,749 — the highest level since 2007.
Payday highlights
Largest bonus: Ameriprise Financial CEO James Cracchiolo, $11 million. He’s had the biggest bonus in our annual survey for the past three years.
(more, here)

What was that last line, again?

Largest bonus: Ameriprise Financial CEO James Cracchiolo, $11 million. He’s had the biggest bonus in our annual survey for the past three years.

Yep – the CEO where Senator Chamberlain works.

Taking shots at state workers, while the head honcho where he works has “had the biggest bonus in our annual survey for the past three years” – that’s GOPer State Senator Roger Chamberlain.

And it’s today’s example of why GOP now stands for Greed Over Principles.

Let me be very clear: Today’s GOP is all about taking care of #1 — and if you work for a living, #1 ain’t you; it’s the 1%. Period. End of story.

Never forget: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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Here’s where we’re at: The GOPer controlled Minnesota Legislature refused to send DFL Governor Mark Dayton a budget Dayton could/would sign. The session ended at Midnight on Monday, May 23rd. The Press asked the Governor what was the wrench in the gears of government, holding up a deal. The Governor pointed at all the newbie, Freshmen GOPer Legislators; he called them (correctly, IMNSHO) “right wing extremists.”

Here’s what Minnesota Public Radio reported on Wednesday, 5-25:

Throughout the five months of the legislative session, Dayton aimed most of his criticism at GOP legislative leaders. But in recent days, he’s been critical of the roughly 50 new members of the Legislature.

He blamed what he called “an extremist right-wing group” of Republican legislators for refusing to move off their position that the state should spend $34 billion over the next two years and not a penny more.

“First it’s $34 billion, then they prefer $32 billion, and then $31 billion,” Dayton said. “They don’t even know what those numbers mean. They never developed a budget for 32 or 31. All they know is the number 31 is less than 32. And that makes it a good idea because they’re just anti-government.”

Again, IMNSHO, Gov Dayton is correct; those GOPers don’t seem to have a clue about the history of that $31/$32/$34 Billion they keep talking about. And many of those thin-skinned – when the barbs are pointed THEIR direction – Freshman went ballistic about being called “extremist.” Some of ‘em held a presser and everything! At it, GOPer Sen Ted Lillie claimed “We’re not being extreme. We’re being mainstream.” “Mainstream”? Yeah, “right.” Others, such as Sean Nienow, took to twitter:

So, I responded:

So far, GOPer Rep. Nienow has declined to say what he considers himself.

So I figured we should have a poll!

Now for some background – from the May 13th Politics In Minnesota:

By last Monday, posters had begun popping up on Republican legislators’ office doors depicting an overflowing bag of cash with “$34 billion” stenciled on the front and the legend “Not a Penny More” inscribed above. Many of the members who have hung the signs are new to the Capitol, including freshman Assistant Majority Leader Kurt Daudt as well as Reps. Mary Franson and Doug Wardlow.

The Rochester PostBulletin’s Heather Carlson has a photo of that “Not A Penny More” sack, to the right, in a story about a visit to a Freshman GOPer Legislator. Carlson reports:

Recently stopped by Rochester Rep. Mike Benson’s office and couldn’t help but notice the big poster on his door declaring “Not a penny more.” So what’s the story behind the poster?

Benson said a group of 34 GOP House members have joined the Not a Penny More Caucus pledging that they will not approve any budget solution that would go beyond $34 billion. That’s the figure House and Senate Republicans’ budgets are based on, which relies on no new tax increases to balance the state’s projected $5 billion budget deficit.

Bottom line? There is no doubt that the 50 or so newbie, GOPer Freshmen Legislators have influence. There is no doubt those Freshmen Fifty are against a budget compromise – newbie GOPers didn’t get endorsed by the GOPer Faithful to go on the November 2010 ballot by running on a “work together and compromise” platform. There is no doubt they don’t like that “right wing extremist” label.

So what are they? Now is where you, Gentle Reader, step in – vote!

Final results in a couple of days…..


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