Political Payback In The Land Of Brodkorb

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Here’s the story of a district
That once was pretty solid red.
Then along came a guy named Brodkorb
So let’s see where his politics have led….

In the 2000 election, winners were GOPer State Rep Tim Wilkin in 38-A by 9 points, GOPer State RepTim Pawlenty in 38-B by a whopping 32 points, and DFL State Senator Deanna Weiner by a mere 529 votes – or, .31%. In 2002, with T-Bag taking off for the corner office at the Capital, GOPer State Rep Tim Wilkin increased his margin and won by 16, T-Bag replacement GOPer Lynn Wardlow won by 16 in 38-B, and GOPer Mike McGinn knocked off the incumbent DFLer – giving the GOP all three seats in Senate District 38.

Since then, Brodkorb – a/k/a “MudSlingerMike” – started a smear machine “blog” and “served” in a variety of positions in the State GOP (rising to his current position as State GOP Deputy Chair) – including a stunt “stint” as Chair of the local SD-38 GOP. The results o’ MudSlingerMike’s hard work, locally in 38?

The incumbents for next Tuesday’s elections are:
DFL State Senator Jim Carlson
DFL State Rep Sandra Masin in 38-A
DFL State Rep Mike Obermueller in 38-B

Brodkorb, you’re doin’ a heckuva job in your own back yard!!!

Well, this year, certain GOPers are hoping money will make a few things different.

Yesterday, I got a tip:

It seems that the Racino people are dropping money bombs on Senator Jim Carlson. In the October 15th edition of the local “Eagan This Week” newspaper, there was an ad ripping State Senator Carlson for his opposition to former GOPer State Senator Dick Day’s current meal-ticket, the proposed Racino at Canterbury Park. The tip also noted that although the ad was in the October 15th paper, the “new” Racino group (the “Vote Racino Now Committee” dropping the moneybombs (they also ran 2 ads on the 22nd) didn’t file their Campaign Finance Board unitl October 20th.

Hmm… buy ads on the 15th; don’t file until the 20th? Well, fact-checking this tip turns up that it’s probably legal; the Campaign Finance Board tells me that a “Committee” has 14 days to file after incurring a debt or spending money. And the Treasurer of that new Committee, Attorney Chris Johnson, assured me future Campaign Board filings would confirm that. We’ll see….

Anyway, who has tossed dough at that Committee that has tossed moneybombs at State Senator Carlson’s way? Let’s look!!!

Canterbury Park dropping $18,000 into a newly formed Committee that’s dropping anti-Senator Carlson ads into the local newspaper days before an election…..

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is political payback in the land of Brodkorb.

And under the Citizens United ruling, it seems that’s the way GOPers will play.

Earlier, I pointed out that despite the antics and politics of Michael Brodkorb, the voters that know him best – the voters in Senate District 38 – turned a solid GOP District into a solid DFL District.

Let’s hope those voters are still paying attention, and reject the moneybombs tossed at Senator Jim Carlson by returning him – along with Sandy Masin and Mike Obermueller, too – to St. Paul.

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