Yesterday, I covered DFL Endorsed Congressional Candidate Brian Barnes at the 2012 DFL State Convention. Closely! Rode down to Rochester with him; covered him while working the Delegates there – before, during, and after his speech. And it was a really, Really, REALLY good speech – let’s look!

Ladies and Gents – we have an excellent candidate for Congress in MN-03; Brian Barnes.

At the end of the speech, Brian asked:

“If you’re labor, or support labor – stand up!”
“If you support choice, equal pay for women and Planned Parenthood, stand up!”
“If you want to protect social security or are collecting social security, stand up!”
“If you support equality for all, stand up!”
“If you support having the best schools in the world, stand up!”
“Stand up; stand up and be counted!”

And everybody there stood up! Brian had everyone on their feet. For the rest of the day, I saw and heard people walking up to Brian and talking about his speech; I heard people talking to each other about his speech.

This election is going to be about turnout. The bigger the number of people voting the better the DFL Candidate’s chances.

Brian Barnes has been, is, and will continue to work hard to inspire people and Get Out The Vote.

If you want to help Brian beat a guy that thinks taxpayers should pay for his campaign mailers, then you should Link to and help Brian buy a few stamps. And buttons. And bumper stickers. And yard signs. And all the other things it takes to beat a guy with over a million bucks in his campaign warchest, but can’t help himself from abusing the taxpayers anyway.

So help Brian out, will ya? Stand UP!

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Yesterday, Paulsen told the Associated Press he wasn’t sure if he’d accept an invitation make a speech at the Republican National Convention; today he tells the Associated Press he will.

Now, with as much time as Paulsen’s spent running from the republiCon brand, stepping in front of a microphone at the RNC is a big step for Paulsen.

I just checked Paulsen’s website, and used the search feature for the term “Republican.” On Paulsen’s website, the term “Republican” exists exactly 7 times. Not on the home page; not on any of the sub-pages; but buried in 4 stories (three of which were about GOP endorsement conventions) and 3 documents.

After a political career that includes Majority Leader for the Republican Party, Paulsen is certainly hiding the brand. It’s not on his campaign signage, nor literature, either.

But there’s a lot of things Paulsen doesn’t like to talk about; his being a republiCon is only one. Erik Paulsen, Republican-Endorsed candidate, has no position on Iraq. His website is pretty much bereft of any content, and has been since I posted this way back in January. Then, as is now, this picture is worth a thousand words:

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