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On May 19, 2012, in Candidates, by tommy

Back in the day, I was there when Giant’s Ridge Quarry Course opened (actually, on that same media day, so did The Wilderness; but that’s a different story).

And Tim “The Mullet” Pawlenty was there to speak.

And before we tee’d off; before the “Gentlemen, start your golf carts!” announcement, Tim got up to speak (before cutting the IRRRRRRRRRRRB ribbon): “So I’m on the way over here, and my aide goes: “Governor, you ready to play? Got your sticks? Shoes? Glove? Balls?”

Tim continues: “Listen, I’m a Republican that travelled willingly to the Range; I got plenty of balls!”

Don’t care who ya are; that’s a funny joke.

And: it doesn’t excuse Timmeh’s horrible record as Governor.

But: it does help explain why Timmeh won – TWICE. He’s personable, and he knows how to tell a joke.

DFL endorsed candidates should pay attention.

Well, the Party, on Plato, too.

So, watch out for Kurt Bills. He’s personable; the jury’s still out on if he can tell a joke. If he can, and with the Ron Paul Anointment, it may spell trouble…..

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“My son is a vessel and a healer for the Holy Spirit!”

“There’s a whole ocean of oil under our feet!”

“There Will Be Greed!”

“I look at people and I see nothing worth liking!”

“There Will Be Vengeance!”

“I see the worst in people!”

“We have a sinner with us!”

“Get out of here Devil!”

“I have a competition in me; I want no one else to succeed!”

“There Will Be Blood!”

Pretty much sums up the upcoming Mn GOP Convention; let’s look!

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