Take a “good” look at these GOPers:

(photo by TPT)

They think the likes o’ “Billion Dollar Bill” McGuire and Stephen Hemsley of United Healthcare fame (not to mention former @MNGOP Party Chair Bill Cooper of TCF Bank) simply can’t afford an income tax increase so they pay the same effective tax rate that the vast unwashed pay.

The DFL has proposed a new tax rate of 9.15% -applied to the likes o’ the above named BoardRoom Tycoons.

Actually, it would apply to all married-joint filers declaring more than $200k in net income; income after all deductions and credits are taken.

Maybe that $200k – NET – number is too low a threshold – MAYBE.

What/where is the counter offer from The Party Of No?

Don’t hold your breath; today’s GreedOverPrinciples Party is more interested in helping the haves and have mores.

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