A Day At The Golf Show

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It’s February and I’m itching to play some golf. So I took Friday off and wandered down to the Minneapolis Convention Center to the Golf Show to see what’s new, hit a few balls, and catch up with some old friends in the industry! Had a blast, and of course sent some tweets out on a few things that caught my eye; even those that don’t tee it up might just find a few of ‘em funny. Or not. I do kinda like my new hat, though….

And I was! But, first a stop for some lunch, at Brasa in NordEast Minneapolis! You wanna see what someone can do with an old garage? Go To Brasa and see – and eat!!!

And I did get that inspiration from the MN GOP! Well, Tom Delay, too. Link to the photo is here.

Link to the photo is here. And the two courses in Biwabik ARE “must play” courses, as is The Wilderness At Fortune Bay. All three courses were designed by Jeffrey Brauer and it’s amazing to see what the same architect did with three different landscapes. For a course review of The Quarry At Giants Ridge, link here.

Here’s the link to the photo; but I’m thinking the cart is missing an accessory – a beer/cup holder!

Here’s the link to the photo.

Here’s the link to the photo; and I mean it: when a Golf Pro says something, bank on it – their word is gold. And yes indeed, they are giving away a free 10 minute lesson at the show!

Well, I guess that’s another accessory that that golf cart be missin’! Oh – and if you’re on Twitter, go follow @HeatherYun, will ya?

Here’s the link to the photo; it’s just a bar but I did find it interesting they were drinking a LOT of Jameson’s at the show!

Here’s the link to THAT photo! You can add you’re own snark, but: it ain’t what ya might be thinkin’!!!

Here’s the link to the photo, and I’m tellin’ ya – that kid got his swing grooved!!!

The Golf Show runs through Sunday, February 20th. If you go, make sure you stop by the TwinCitiesGolf.com booth; they’re giving away eight – 8! – free passes to eight – 8! – different golf courses. I’m gonna play ‘em all – Tee It up!!!

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On October 16th, I asked several fellow veterans about a comment the Republican Candidate for Governor in Minnesota – Tom Emmer – said to the Marshall Independent newspaper on 9/26/09. That quote by Emmer – “I don’t believe you can be a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat” was not widely reported in the allegedly “liberal” mainstream media.

This video documents a few Veterans responses to Emmer saying, essentially, that Democrats, even military veterans, can’t be real patriots.

I’d like to remind everyone that on 07 April 1775, Samuel Johnson said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

On 26 September 2009, Republican Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer demonstrated that he indeed is a scoundrel.

I paid for this with my dime. It’s not not approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it. It’s my deal and my deal only. Let’s look!

(YouTube direct link here)

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This sign seen at the capital today:

Meahwhile, Erik Hare will be joining yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, tomorrow (Saturday, May 15th) as I Guest Host “Radio Cafe with Cathy Hauser” from 2:00 to 3:00 pm on AM950 – KTNF. We’ll be talking about Professor Frankfurt’s book (“On Bullsh*t”), Erik’s post over at Barataria, this post (and the subsequent comments!), the media’s role in propagating/covering BS, and how BS seems to be the modus operandi of today’s Republican Party.

For more on the media’s role on propagating BS, check out this post, over at The Cucking Stool.

We’ll be giving away one copy of “False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story (Volume 1), to one lucky listener — courtesy of AM-950 KTNF sponsor Common Good Books – so, pay attention and call in when asked!!!

Of course, you can always just look over to the “far right” column, click on the link, and buy a copy now…

As always, call 952-946-6205 to join the conversation!

So tune in your radio to AM-950 KTNF, or listen live on your computer, here!

Also, I’d like to note that Professor Frankfurt’s Book, “On Bullsh*t”, is available locally through Common Good Books in St. Paul; if you can’t make it in to the shop, you can order on line and they’ll ship.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truly – the ol’ TwoPutter – is Guest Hosting this afternoon’s edition of “Radio Cafe with Cathy Hauser” from 2:00 to 3:00 pm on AM950 – KTNF. I’ll be joined in-studio by Dusty Trice!

We’ll be getting a report from Tea Bagger Central “Jason Lewis Tax Cut Rally”; rumor has it Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive may say something stupid make an appearance.

And in “honor” of that, we’ll be giving away one copy of “False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story (Volume 1), to one lucky listener — courtesy of AM-950 KTNF sponsor Common Good Books – so, pay attention and call in when asked!!!

As always, call 952-946-6205 to join the conversation!

We’ll also be joined in-studio for an in-depth conversation with MN-GUV Candidate Matt Entenza!

So tune in the radio today to AM-950 KTNF, or listen live on your computer, here!

Oh – in case you missed it, I sat in for Mike McIntee’s “Quick On The UpTake” show yesterday and was joined in studio by Spot from The Cucking Stool! You can listen to the archived show here.

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TPT, On Your Radio Today!

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I’ve been asked to Guest Host for Mike McIntee today from 5:00 to 6:00pm on AM-950 KTNF, The Voice Of Minnesota!

Mike put in yeoman’s work over the State Fair’s 12 day run and is taking a deserved break – I’m happy to fill-in for him. Since Mike’s passion is citizen journalism, and his show is called “Quick On The Uptake”, we’re bringing in-studio Jeff Strate, Producer for the DFL’s SD42 cable access TV program, “Democratic Visions” – an all volunteer run program. Below the fold are YouTubes of the Democratic Visions program currently running on Comcast Channel 15 in Hopkins, Minnetonka, Edina, Richfield and Eden Prairie on Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Sundays at 9 pm; present and past programs are available at the Democratic Visions’ YouTube Channel.

DFL State Rep. and Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Thissen will be calling in at 5:30 pm, and at 5:45 we’ll be joined by MnProgressiveProject’s Grace Kelley to talk more about citizen journalism.

The studio call-in number is 952-946-6205; we will be giving away one copy of Bill Prendergast’s exceptional comic book: False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story (Part 1).

So, tune in the radio today to AM-950, or listen live on your computer, here.

And go beyond the fold; there’s three YouTubes you’re not going to want to miss!

AM950 Radio owner Janet Robert talks about the success of her progressive talk radio station in a format universe that had been dominated by right wing local and national radio talk programs. Blogger Tommy Johnson joins Ms. Robert to weigh in on talk readio and the new media.

State Public Defender John Stuart talks about the challenges confronting Minnesota’s court system prompted by cuts to the number of public defenders serving the poor.

This video memoriam honors the 10th anniversary of the death of state legislator Willard Munger, Minnesota’s “Mr. Environment.” The segment features scenes from a documentary-in-progress about Mr. Munger.

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There was a lot – a LOT! – going on last weekend, and yours truly – the ol’ TwoPutter – and Dusty Trice will be talking about it today 5 to 6 pm on AM-950 Radio, “The Voice Of Minnesota!”

We’ll again be guest hosting for Mike McIntee’s “Quick on the Uptake” show. Dusty was in St. Cloud on Saturday covering Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive’s “Town Hall” and subsequent T-Bag Event – I look forward to talking with Dusty about what happened. Feel free to call in and ask Dusty a question yourself! For a sample of what Dusty saw, click on the YouTube, below!

Plus, one lucky caller will win a copy of Bill’s exceptional comic book: False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story (Part 1). The AM-950 call-in number is (952) 946-6205! Well, maybe two callers will win – ya never know!!!

So, tune in your radio today to AM-950, The Voice of Minnesota!

Or, link here to listen to it via computer!

Well, as long as we’re watching one of Dusty’s YouTubes, and as long as the subject is Michele Bachmann, let’s watch another!!!

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Erik The Whiner

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Those that have received an e-mail from me may have noted I end each message with:

It’s A Great Day To Be A Veteran

It’s just before the privacy disclosure; it’s also at the bottom of my comments to others on threads at MnBlue, too.

And it came from an old saying back when I served on active duty; a saying that we repeated proudly when the duty was cold, or wet; when we were miserable, tired, hungry and hadn’t slept for God knows how long; when we were low on supplies, outmanned or outflanked, or any and all of the above – “It’s a great day to be a soldier.” It served as a motivation tool – that when the going got tough, the tough got going.

I thought of this after Erik’s “Veterans for Paulsen” rally, yesterday. In a room full of veterans, Paulsen addressed the crowd and whined:

“They’re lying about me; they’re smearing me!”

Cry me a river, Erik.

Paulsen started his campaign denying who he is – a far right extremist. Even the right-leaning Star Tribune didn’t buy that one:

“Paulsen was a fiscal and social conservative in the Legislature, voting for measures that this newspaper opposed. Why he’s casting himself as a moderate in this race is unclear. His conservative credentials are solid; he should have run on them.”(Star Tribune Editorial)

Paulsen started his campaign distorting his record:

“Paulsen launches this bid after years of working in bipartisan fashion, across the aisle, to get results in the business world and in the Minnesota legislature.”(PaulsenForCongress)

Yeah, “right.”

If anyone knows someone that thinks Erik Paulsen rose within Republican ranks to the role of Majority Leader in the State Legislatute during this decade by “…working in bipartisan fashion, across the aisle…” send ‘em my way – I got some swampland “waterfront property” I’d like to sell ‘em.

All this, and more, yet Paulsen has the nerve to run a TV ad, whining “My opponent is LYING about me!”??!?

Seems like Paulsen’s been doing some lying himself, about himself.

Not just content to distorting who he is and what his record is, Paulsen reached a new low with a recent ad: according to an October 29th Twin Cities Public Television (“TPT”) press release, Paulsen’s campaign was using TPT copywrited video footage in a different campaign ad. TPT reports they twice asked the Paulsen campaign to essentially cease and desist; the campaign didn’t – which necessitated the press release. From that release:

As a non-partisan public television station, tpt has never consented to use of our copyrighted materials by any political candidate or party. In previous campaigns, we have requested that candidates – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – cease use of similar material, and all have complied.

Twin Cities Public Television has sent two formal requests to the Paulsen campaign to remove all tpt footage from their ad; as of today, that request has not been honored.

We are therefore issuing this statement, taking appropriate legal action, and would like to alert all stations broadcasting the ad that it represents a clear copyright violation. We furthermore request that broadcasters cease airing the spot until our proprietary footage has been removed.

City Pages notes:

We would show you the ad, but TPT’s tenacity has paid off. After notifying YouTube of the copyright violation, the website pulled down the ad. “Since the Paulsen site was using an embedded version from YouTube, the ad was effectively removed from their site as well,” says TPT spokesman Stephen Usery.

And I’m not going to bother to detail the disgusting spectacle of Republican Party Chair Ron Carey’s nor Republican Geoff Michell’s thinly vieled bigotry concerning Paulsen’s opponent, the honorably discharged Marine, Ashwin Media. Suffice it to say Paulsen didn’t have the spine, nor guts, to do the despicable himself; he hid behind others doing his dirty work.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Erik Paulsen, but that’s only because I’ve followed his political career since he first doorknocked me in 1994. For fourteen years I’ve watched Paulsen and followed his record, so I’m not surprised at the shenanigans he’s pulled this during this election cycle.

But I was surprised to see and hear him whine in front of veterans. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Erik Paulsen, on the other hand, whines.

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