In keeping with former Gov. Tbag’s sentiment that “Children who are victims of failed personal responsibility are not my problem, nor are they the problem for our government”, State Rep Steve Drazkowski recently introduced a bill that would require a pee test for folk RightWingers label “on the dole.” Not surprisingly, in Drazkowski’s world, some weasels on the taxpayer gravy train, such as Michael Brodkorb, wouldn’t have to drop trou and whip it out befor collecting the check. About his bill, Draz said this:

“We’re sending welfare money to people that are turning it around and pumping it into their veins.” (Winona Daily News)

Draz’s bill and that quote prompted an Op/Ed in the Winona Daily News, and you really, Really, REALLY need to go read the whole thing: the author really, Really, REALLY rips “Mazeppa’s Mr. Family Values” a new one!

Drazkowski has no shame, but we should
Jerome Christenson Wednesday, February 16, 2011 7:00 am

I want Steve Drazkowski to pee in a cup before he draws his state paycheck. What’s sauce for the goose …

If Team Draz figures it’s vital to the state’s fiscal health that an overstressed, out-of-work single mom pass a pee test to qualify for survival support under the Minnesota Family Investment Program, shouldn’t the same standard be placed on all those who lay claim to taxpayer dollars – including self-righteous legislators?


Once again, Mazeppa’s Mr. Family Values paints the poorest and most vulnerable as the social villains responsible for running the state budget into the red. Clearly, in his view, if the 166 adults drawing assistance in Winona County got off the dole, Minnesota’s $6 billion deficit would vanish. By Draz’s figuring, getting them to pee in a cup is the first step to that glorious goal.

Y’know, if the aim of this bill was to identify poor people with drug and alcohol problems so they could get the treatment they need there might be some merit to it.

That’s not the case. Flunk the pee test and they’ll be cut off without a dime. Just what we need – more homeless, penniless, hungry drug addicts out on the street. If one of them were to slip up next to Steve on a dark street corner, and relieve him of his wallet, he might be a victim of more than just a crime. He might then be a victim of his own legislation. (more, here)

Hey, I agree with Mr. Christensen, Draz should have to whip it out before he cashes his next check – and Brodkorb needs to be standing “right” next to him.

After all, what’s good for the goose….

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…and once elected, they prove it.

Do poor people cheat? Of course – just look at Denny Hecker, Tom Petters, Frank Vennes – the last two, noted pals of Michele Bachmann (well, Norm “Smokescreen” Coleman, too). People on welfare? Not so much pals of Bachmann (nor Norm), but yes, some of them have been known to cheat. And the State has been diligent in finding ways to prevent cheating, such as going from actual paper “stamps” in the “food stamp” program to using plastic “debit cards” – EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Cards. Diligent as the State is, cheaters are equally diligent in finding ways to beat the system – which is why, for instance, that years ago the State quit allowing cash deductions from EBT cards at casinos.

I bring this up, because I saw this tweet:

It has to do with this map, that the GOPers hauled out at the State House yesterday:

That map shows that of almost $500,000,000 in assistance, about $10,000,000 was spent outside of Minnesota – with about half of that in neighboring states.

That map allegedly “supports” a bill introduced yesterday by Kurt Daudt, GOP=GreedOverPrinciples that is, in essence a solution in search of a problem. In other words, a waste of time. GOPers want to pass a law that money in an EBT account can only be spent in Minnesota – even though Federal Law says, for instance, that Food Stamp money, even in an EBT account, can be spent anywhere.

Tentherism” ring a bell, here?

The amount of money that could – and should – be tightened up out of that $10 million is only about $3 million, according to federal law. My point is that the time to take time and tighten that $3 million up, is AFTER the GOP has put their budget plan forward AND put their plan to put Minnesotans back to work.

It’s about priorities – and so far this session, the GOP priorities have been anything but putting a budget plan forward and planning to put Minnesotans back to work.

We are staring at a budget deficit of about $6 Billion, and these GOPer Tenthers are wasting time with a $3 million stunt like they did yesterday. But hey, why work on the big problems, when you can trot out the ol’ “welfare cadillac” canard?

Which is why I have to say, once again: Republicans run on the platform “Government doesn’t work!” – and once elected, they prove it.

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