That was Frank Zappa, 21 years ago. Tonight, Dweezil Zappa brings the Zappa Plays Zappa Road Show to Minneapolis at the Orpheum; Dweezil and the band are warming up Dream Theater.

Link here to watch Dweezil and the band playing “Peaches En Regalia” last year (embedding disabled; it’s a DVD performance from last year’s tour). And yes, that’s Steve Vai playing Stunt Guitar, to the left of Dweezil, and Napoleon Murphy Brok on sax!

Friday night, August 21, 2009, Zappa Plays Zappa, Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis – it just don’t get any better!

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Earlier today I had tuned into Faux News. Then, I got the exciting news The World’s Finest Optional Entertainment would be on stage again. Dweezil has the Zappa Plays Zappa road show playing in the Progressive Nation 2009 tour. It’s in Minneapolis – at the Orpheum – on August 21st! Needless to say, I just bought 4 tickets, on the floor, in row O!

So, what does Faux News have to do with Zappa Plays Zappa? It’s a song! When Frank wrote “I’m The Slime” all those years about, he was anticipating Faux News! Let’s watch!!!

See you at the show – Orpheum on 8-21!

(crossposted from MnProgressiveProject)