OK, rather than filling the bottom of each Zappadan post with all the previous posts, I figured it’d be easier to just start a new page with all the previous posts!

Here they are:

A Preview Of #Zappadan2013

“Zappadan 2012, Mayan Calendar Day”

“Zappadan 2012, Day 9: That’s College Rythmn!!!”

“Zappadan 2012, Day 3: Bolero. Bolero? Yes, Bolero.”

“Zappadan 2012, Day 2: George Duke and Inca Roads” by TPT on Tuesday, December 5th, 2012

“On The First Day Of Zappadan, YouTube Brought To Me…” by TPT on Monday, December 4th, 2012

“Zappadan 2011, Day 18 – Pew d’Etat Post!” by TPT on Tuesday December 20th, 2011

“Zappadan 2011, Day 11″ by TPT on Wednesday December 14th, 2011

“Zappadan 2011, Day 6″ by TPT on Friday December 9th, 2011

“Zappadan 2011, Day 4″ by TPT on Wednesday December 7th, 2011

“Zappadan 2011, Day 2″ by TPT on Monday December 5th, 2011

“That’s right folks, don’t touch that dial!” by TPT on Saturday November 19th, 2011

“One Year Later – Who Opposes HCR? Or…a picture says a thousand words.” by TPT, Thursday March 24th, 2011

“Watermellon In Easter Hay – May 17th, 1988, Barcelona, Spain” by TPT, Friday August 21st, 2009

“Progressive Nation 2009 Concert Tour” by TPT, Wednesday June 17th, 2009

Where I get my Zappa music: The Electric Fetus